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50% more webspace, 40% more bandwidth and more!

Today we have added more power to our web hosting plans. All features have been upgraded at no additional cost to you: web space, monthly transfer, databases, ftp users, subdomains, and parked domains. You get more for the same price. Yes, that's right! For $5/mo(Personal plan) and $10/mo(Business plan) you have more web space, traffic and resources for your web site.

  • All Personal Hosting Plan users will now enjoy 500MB of webspace and 7GB of monthly bandwidth for their web sites.
  • All Business Hosting Plan users can have up to 1500MB of webspace and 21GB of monthly bandwidth - more than enough space and traffic allowance to meet the requirements of any content-heavy and dynamic business site.

In addition, all other features of the web hosting plans are upgraded as follows:

  • 6 Databases for the Business plan and 2 for the Personal
  • 27 FTP users for the Business plan and 9 for the Personal
  • 21 Subdomains for the Business plan and 7 for the Personal
  • 9 Parked domains for the Business plan and 3 for the Personal

All existing hosting accounts have been upgraded automatically for free.