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Another tool for our affiliates

We added another feature to our panel for affiliates.

Our affiliates can now create their own promotions and deliver special discounts to visitors on their sites. The system works with promotional codes, which our affiliates can create at their administrative panel. Each promotional code has its own link and discount settings. The discount delivered to the site visitor is subtracted from the affiliate bonus. Thus affiliates share a part of their bonus with their visitors/customers.

Here is an example:

An affiliate creates a promotional code for 10% discount and uses the promotional link on their site. Whenever a visitor follows this promotional link, they will receive a 10% discount on new account purchases. In this case, the bonus for the affiliate would be 40%.

There is no limit to the number of promotional codes each affiliate can create. The value of each promotion can be between 10% and 50%. Our affiliates can use different promotional links on different sites.

We believe that this feature will allow our affiliates to increase their click-through rates and earnings, as providing unique discounts can attract more potential customers.