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ICDSoft on hosting review and rating sites

A vastly-used method to popularize and sell a hosting service is to have your company listed on hosting review and rating sites.

ICDSoft is in the hosting business for more than 12 years. Back in 2002, we were hosting about 10,000 sites, growing up to over 100,000 in 2011. Despite of the fact that we have quite many customers, you can notice that ICDSoft is not listed on many hosting rating sites.

In general, there are two types of hosting rating sites:

  • sites that list all companies they can find, and then collect and display each review of hosting customers. Such sites make a living usually by selling space for advertising, or by affiliate programs.
  • sites that offer paid listings - hosting companies pay for their place in the countdown just as advertising space is paid. The higher is the ranking place - the higher is the fee for it.

If you see ICDSoft listed in a hosting reviews and rating site, then the site is from the first type. You can be absolutely sure about this, because we do not invest any money in such type of marketing. So if you see our name on a list, then this definitely is not a paid listing.

Our marketing budget has always been close to zero. The reason for this is quite simple - instead of spending money on marketing, we prefer to spend money for improving our hosting services. This includes purchasing expensive hardware, using reliable colo services, and hiring knowledgeable staff. The lack of marketing budget allows us to offer a high quality hosting service at relatively low prices. These prices would have been much higher at a company that is on all paid hosting listings. Actually, we have more "marketing agents" than any other company - when a customer satisfied with the high level of our services recommends us, this pays better than any advertisement or paid listing.

We plan to continue doing our business in the same manner.